Green Jade Diet Plan

Choice of Vegetables
(Circle as Many as You Want or Choose Only Vegetables and no Protein):
+ Broccoli+ Green Beans
+ Cauliflower+ Bok Choy
+ Celery (Napa Cabbage)
+ Zucchini+ Bell Peppers
+ Water Chestnuts+ Bean Sprouts
+ Snow Peas+ Mushrooms
Choice of Proteins
(Circle the Protein You Want):
+ Chicken (White Meat)+ Shrimp
+ Beef+ Tofu
+ Pork
Choice Of Sauce/Flavoring
(Circle Choice - Optional):
+ Ginger Flavor
+ Garlic Flavor
+ Hot & Spicy Black Pepper Flavor
+ Hot & Spicy Mala Flavor (Indicate "on the side" or stired in)
+ Steamed or Stir Fried (Circle choice vegetable oil or olive oil)

Green Jade Diet Plan ( vegetables. No Meat) 8.95
Green Jade Diet Plan (With Meat) 10.75