Green Jade Diet Plan

Choice of Vegetables:
(Choice of as Many as You Want or Choose Only Vegetables and no Protein)
Broccoli / Celery / Zucchini / Water Chestnuts / Snow Peas / Bell Pepper / Bean Sprouts / Mushrooms / Bok Choy(Napa Cabbage)
Choice of Proteins:
Chicken (White Meat) / Beef / Pork / Shrimp / Tofu
Choice of Sauce / Flavoring:
Ginger Flavor
Garlic Flavor
Hot & Spicy Black Pepper Flavor
Hot & Spicy Mala Flavor (Indicate on the side or stirred in
Steamed or Stir Fried (choice of vegetable oil or olive oil)

Green Jade Diet Plan (vegetables. No Meat) 10.95
Green Jade Diet Plan (With Meat) 12.75